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How to copy code from videos?

If you are watching a lot of coding tutorials on youtube then you will love to copy code from videos. Here is a simple solution to this problem.

Blackbox will assist people in learning computer programming by watching videos. It is the fastest way to copy text from videos, images, PDFs, anything. Blackbox will save developers time by eliminating the need to retype several lines of code that are shown in videos.

You can just pause a video. Then, using a keyboard shortcut combination, optical character recognition recognizes text instantly.

All that remains is to highlight it in the same way that one would highlight a text fragment within a regular document.

It’s just that I’d prefer to start with a product that is tailored to a particular field.

Blackbox – Select. Copy. Paste & Search

An amazing chrome extension to get the code from videos. you can find the extension chrome web store.

If you’re a programmer, you’ll appreciate it even more. AND, if you spend a lot of time watching videos, webinars, or meetings, you’ll fall in love with this.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the frustration of wanting to copy text from a video, image, or shared screen on different platforms but being unable to do so. So you’ll have to take a snapshot and then retype everything.
But not anymore, because Blackbox allows you to choose text from any location on your screen.

How to use the blackbox chrome extension to copy the code?

It is very easy to get the content from videos, just follow these steps:

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  • Pause the video
  • Click the extension icon on your browser windows( also you can use the shortcuts cmd+E on mac and alt+S on windows).
  • Select the code or text on the video
  • After a few milliseconds, it will alert a success message of copying the text.

Get the Extension from here.

Next Extension: Selectext – Copy text from videos!

Selectext allows you to instantly copy any on-screen text from videos.
Make online learning easier by providing a more immersive video experience.

Works with all video sources, including YouTube, Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, and university lecture recordings.

How to use the Selectext chrome extension to copy the text?

  1. Add Selectext to Chrome.
  2. Watch a video.
  3. When you pause the video, the Selectext toggle will appear in the top left corner of the video.
  4. Click the toggle to use Selectext.
  5. The first time you use Selectext you will be prompted to sign in with Google.
  6. Once signed in the text in the paused video will be detected and shown on the video.
  7. Select the text by clicking and dragging. It will automatically copy text to your clipboard.
  8. Paste the text anywhere using ‘ctrl+v’ (windows) or ‘command+v’ (mac).

Get the chrome extension here

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