How to install WordPress on Digitalocean using LiteSpeed?

It only takes a few steps to install WordPress on DigitalOcean Droplet. However, setting up a WordPress-powered site on DigitalOcean with LiteSpeed only takes a few seconds and doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge.

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Here are a few steps to install a WordPress site:

1: Create a Droplet.

create a droplet in digitalocean - screenshot

2: Select an operating system from distributions and click Marketplace

Select an operating system for droplet - screenshot

3: Search “OpenLiteSpeed WordPress” and select it.

select wp for OpenLiteSpeed - screenshot

4: Choose a plan for your website. A basic plan is sufficient for new websites.

Choose a plan for your website
Choose a plan specification

5: Choose a data center region near your target audience

install wordpress on digitalocean location

6: Select password or SSH keys

Choose the Password option if you don’t have any knowledge about SSH keys. Keep your password in a safe place. You will not receive an email with the password or any information about the Droplet.

Select password or SSH keys in droplet - screenshot

7: Give your Droplets a valid name

Give your Droplets a name that will help you remember them. Only alphanumeric, dash, and period characters are permitted in your droplet name.

droplet name

Then finally click the “Create droplet” button. After a few seconds, digitalocean will create a droplet for you.


Add a Domain to your Droplet

Add your domain name to the digitalocean droplet. Here is how you can do it.

Befor adding domain name make sure that you have added the name servers in your domain name provider dashboard.

Digitalocean name server are as follow:

1: Click the three dots to expand the menu.

Add a Domain to your Droplet

2: Enter your domain name.

Enter your domain name in digitalocean droplet - screenshot

Once you add a domain name, it will be accessible in the domains list that appears below the droplets list.

Configure the domain using the console

After successfully creating the droplet, and adding domain name and name servers we will do some configurations using the built-in console of digitalocean however, you may use Powershell, cmd, or terminal.

Steps to configure your domain using command-line:

1: Click the three dots to expand the menu and click Access the console

access console nemu - screenshot
console launch button - screenshot

2: Enter your domain name eg.

web console screenshot

It will prompt you to confirm the spelling of your domain name. type y (y means yes and N means no) and press enter if you have correctly typed the domain name.

conform domain name in console

3: Install SSL certificate

After adding the domain name you will get the success message. now install the SSL certificate, simply type y and press enter.

install ssl via terminal

4: Enter your email address and verify it

terminal-Enter your email address and verify it

5: Force HTTPS to rewrite rules for your site. Type y and press enter.

Force HTTPS to rewrite rules for your site

You have successfully configured your domain name. Now simply type your domain in the browser, and you will get the installation screen of WordPress. Install WordPress on Digitalocean and enjoy!

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