JQuery Selectors Syntax and CDN | Getting Started

A simple and short description of JQuery syntax and JQuery Selectors.

What is JQuery ?, Complete and Simple Guide

What is JQuery ? jQuery is a JavaScript library (A set of pre-written code). All the code is written in JavaScript. Which makes supper easy to traverse (access) and manipulate or handle the HTML DOM Tree...

Everything you ever need to know about flowers

Credibly empower enterprise wide mindshare for excellent "outside the box" thinking. Proactively mesh impactful meta services rather than enterprise results. Professionally generate end-to-end human capital...

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what is MVC

What is MVC (model view controller) ?

Model View Controller Definition The MVC (model view controller) is a pattern on the basis of architecture or design of application. It divides the architecture of web app into three main logical components or objects...

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