What is JQuery ?, Complete and Simple Guide

What is JQuery ? jQuery is a JavaScript library (A set of pre-written code). All the code is written in JavaScript. Which makes supper easy to traverse (access) and manipulate or handle the HTML DOM Tree effectively.

The primary purpose of jQuery is to make JavaScript simple to use on your web applications. Therefor the slogan of jQuery is “write less “, “Do more”. By writing less code you can solve complex problems. for example a task require many lines of code in JavaScript, may contains a single line of code to achieve it in jQuery.

Why to use jQuery?

Because it makes simple to interact with the following areas.

  • HTML/DOM(document object model) access and manipulate .
  • To manipulate the CSS properties.
  • HTML Events.
  • Effects and animations in web pages.
  • Ajax
  • There are many plugins for different purposes.

Who are using jQuery?

It is used in web development. there are many companies using it.

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Netflix
  • IBM

Also you some major websites using it.

  • And many more…

Get start with Jquery. Learn, how to use this JavaScript library and learn the awesome syntax.

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